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Marthe Beer © 24x330ML 7.2%

Marthe Beer, Artisanally brewed in Belgium, 330 ml 7.2%
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Marthe, the beer

Marthe Beer is a new and exciting addition to the beer market. Our brewery is dedicated to producing only the highest quality beer, using only the finest ingredients. We carefully craft each batch of Marthe Beer using malted barley, hops, yeast, and water to create a unique flavor profile that is both smooth and intense. With an IBU (International Bitterness Units) of 30, the hops used in Marthe Beer provide a subtle bitterness that adds depth and complexity to the flavor profile, while the malted barley gives it a sweet and slightly toasty character.

Our strong lager has an impressive 7.6% alcohol percentage, making it perfect for those who enjoy a stronger brew. Marthe Beer has a distinct taste that is sure to satisfy beer lovers. It offers a smooth taste that is reminiscent of a premium strong beer but with the drinkability of a lager, which sets it apart from other beers in the market. The carefully balanced IBU level ensures that the bitterness does not overpower the beer’s flavor, resulting in a well-rounded and enjoyable drinking experience. Marthe Beer comes in two different packaging options: a stubby bottle of 330ML and a can of 500ML, with a sleek and sophisticated packaging design that reflects the premium quality of our beer.

Marthe, the brand

Marthe Beer, the newest addition to the craft beer scene in Belgium. Established in 2023, our passion for brewing has led us to create a beer that is truly unique in flavor and aroma. Our brewing process begins with selecting the finest ingredients, including water, malt of barley, yeast, and hops, and combining them with precision to produce a full-bodied, well-balanced beer with 7.6% alcohol content.

At Marthe Beer, we believe that the art of brewing is a combination of science and creativity, and we take pride in both. Our commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients and our meticulous attention to detail has resulted in a beer that is not only delicious but also distinctive in taste.


Our beer, with its rich, smooth texture and balanced bitterness, is the perfect complement to a variety of dishes, especially steaks and Belgian fries. The subtle hints of hops and malt create a refreshing finish, making Marthe Beer the ideal choice for any occasion.


As a Belgian-based company, we are proud to be part of the rich brewing tradition that has made Belgium famous for its beer. At Marthe Beer, we strive to honor this tradition while also pushing the boundaries of what beer can be. We look forward to sharing our passion for brewing with you and hope you enjoy our beer as much as we do.

Marthe, the specifications

Marthe is brewed from the best ingredients found in Europe. 

The eye catching bottles is a best seller amongst connaisseurs and novices alike. 

7.6% alc. by volume

2 SKU 330ml Glass bottle, 500ml Alu can


  • Glass bottle 330ml
  • Carton of 12 units
  • Weight carton 7.11 KG

Shipping information

  • Bottles per carton ​12
  • Bottles per layer ​          204
  • Bottles per pallet           ​1632
  • Bottles per 20 FCL 16320
  • Bottles per 40 FCL 34272​​

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Brand Marthe Beer
Origin Belgium
Packaging Glass Bottle 330 ML
Incoterms All Taxes paid - Ex Works Belgium