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Couronnier © Napoleon VSOP Finest brandy 40% 70CL

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Couronnier the Brandy 

Couronnier is a distinguished brand known for its premium spirits, particularly its exquisite brandies. With a legacy dating back decades, Couronnier has perfected the art of crafting ​fine spirits, including their flagship​ Napoleon Finest Brandy. Each bottle represents a commitment to quality, tradition, and exceptional taste, making Couronnier a preferred choice among connoisseurs worldwide.

Couronnier Napoleon Finest Brandy is renowned for its rich flavor and smooth finish, crafted with the utmost care and expertise. It's a timeless choice for those seeking refined indulgence. Enjoy a sip and savor the moment, embracing the exquisite taste of this exceptional brandy. Cheers to life's finer moments!



a glass of whiskey sitting on top of a table

Couronnier Napoleon Finest Brandy embodies the pinnacle of craftsmanship and elegance. With an alcohol content of 40%, it strikes the perfect balance between strength and sophistication. Its deep amber hue hints at the richness within, while the aroma tantalizes the senses with notes of caramel, oak, and a subtle hint of fruit. On the palate, experience a velvety smoothness, accompanied by flavors of dried fruits, vanilla, and a lingering warmth that leaves a lasting impression. Indulge in the refined taste of Couronnier Napoleon Finest Brandy, where every sip is a journey of exquisite pleasure.


Brand Couronnier Napoleon Finest brandy
Origin France
Packaging Glass Bottle 700 ML
Incoterms All Taxes paid - Ex Works Belgium