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Coca Cola Original Can 99x24x330 ML

Coca Cola Original 'Export' - Alu 'FAT' cans - 330 ML
SKU: 5348-99-01

1,213.21 € 1213.21 EUR 1,213.21 €

1,213.21 €

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Lead time 21 days

Moving large quantities

Moving truckloads of soft drinks is a daily occurrence at Beverages by Marthe Dumortier. With readily available stock, we can fulfill your orders rapidly and professionally. 

Do you know how much a pallet of Coca-Cola 'FAT' Can weight? 

24 alu cans per tray – 99 Trays per pallets – Weight 792 kg

Add a euro pallet of 25KG and the gross weight is 817 KG !

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Brand Coca Cola
Origin Denmark
Packaging Aluminum Can 330 ML
Incoterms All Taxes paid - Ex Works Belgium