ProWine & Marthe Beer

A resounding success

Exploring the World of Wine (and Beer!): Marthe Dumortier NV at ProWein

ProWein, the world's leading trade fair for wine and spirits, is an essential event for those of us in the industry. Marthe Dumortier NV was thrilled to be a part of this prestigious gathering in Düsseldorf, Germany, representing not only Belgian wine expertise but also showcasing our very own specialty beer – Marthe Beer.

Discovering New Gems (and Showcasing Our Own)

ProWein's vast exhibition space teemed with fine wines and spirits. Our days were filled with exploring the diverse exhibitor range, sampling exquisite vintages, and learning about the latest trends. From classic European regions to exciting emerging wine countries, there truly was something for every palate.

Here are some of the highlights from our ProWein experience:

  • Italian Excellence: The refined offerings from Italy impressed us as always, emphasizing the elegance of Sangiovese, the richness of Barolo, and the vibrant freshness of Prosecco.
  • French Flair: We rediscovered the timeless appeal of Bordeaux blends and the delicate minerality of Chablis, essential components of a classic wine experience.
  • New World Wonders: We enjoyed the innovative and expressive wines from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Their bold fruit flavors and experimental techniques offered exciting new perspectives.
  • Marthe Beer Spotlight: Alongside exploring these incredible wines, we proudly presented our own Belgian specialty, Marthe Beer. Its unique flavor profile and dedication to quality craftsmanship garnered great interest among attendees.

Building Relationships and Sharing Our Passion

ProWein's value extended beyond tasting amazing wines. It was a prime opportunity to network with key industry players. We made fantastic connections with potential suppliers, discussed distribution opportunities, and exchanged ideas with fellow professionals. The collaborative spirit of the fair fueled our passion for both wine and beer.

Bringing the Best Back Home

Our journey to ProWein wasn't just about our own discovery – it was about curating an exceptional selection for our valued customers. Alongside new wines that we believe will become Belgian favorites, we're particularly excited to introduce you to the world of Marthe Beer.

A Resounding Success

Our visit to ProWein was a resounding success. We returned to Turnhout filled with inspiration, knowledge, and a renewed passion for exceptional beverages. We're grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this remarkable event. Stay tuned for updates on the new arrivals inspired by our ProWein adventure, including the exciting story of Marthe Beer!

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