Marthe Beer is born

Belgian beer at its best

We are thrilled to announce the birth of Marthe Beer, the newest addition to our collection of premium beverages. Crafted with the finest ingredients and brewed to perfection, Marthe Beer is a celebration of the rich brewing tradition of Belgium.

Inspired by the classic Belgian Dubbel style, Marthe Beer is a deep mahogany-colored beer with a complex aroma and a rich, malty flavor. It is brewed with a blend of specialty malts and traditional Belgian yeast, giving it a unique character and depth of flavor.

Marthe Beer is named after our founder, Marthe Dumortier, who was passionate about bringing the best of Belgium to the world. It is a tribute to her legacy and a celebration of the culture and traditions that inspired her work.

We are excited to share Marthe Beer with beer lovers around the world and invite you to try it for yourself. Whether you're savoring it on its own or pairing it with your favorite meal, Marthe Beer is sure to be a new favorite in your collection.

Look for Marthe Beer in select retailers and online soon. Join us in raising a glass to the newest member of the Marthe Dumortier family!

Marthe Beer

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